Morning/Evening Route & StopS

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A. North Station*

Nashua St. under Leverett Connector

B. Museum way

1 Education St. (Outbound), 17 Museum Way (Inbound)

C. Morgan ave.

Morgan Ave. at Leighton St.

D. Lechmere*

First St. at Otis St.

E. First St.

First St. at Charles St.

F. Binney St.

Binney St. at Second St.

G. Sixth St.

Binney St. at Sixth St.

H. Broadway/Galileo Way

155 Broadway (Outbound), 105 Broadway (Inbound)

I. Kendall Square*

71 Ames St. (Outbound), 88 Ames St. (Inbound)

J. Ames Street/Amherst Street

Ames St. south of Amherst St.

K. Mass Ave/MIt*

77 Mass Ave.

L. Mass Ave/Albany St.

Mass Ave. at Albany St. (Outbound AM), 60 Albany St. (Inbound PM)

M. Landsowne/Mass Ave.

Landsdowne St. at Green St. (Outbound AM, Inbound PM)

N. Landsdowne/University Park

Landsdowne St. between Franklin & Pilgrim (Outbound AM, Inbound PM)

O. Pacific St.

Pacific St. at Landsdowne St.

P. Erie St.

Erie St. at Sidney St.

Q. Cambridgeport

Brookline St. at Erie St.

R. Pacific St./Albany St.

Pacific St. at Albany St.

S. Albany St./Edgerton House

143 Albany St.

T. Vassar/Mass Ave.*

MBTA stop on Vassar (Inbound AM)

U. Main St./Albany St.

Main St. at Albany St. (MIT Brain & Cognitive Sciences Building)

V. Main St./Vassar St.

500 Main St.

*MBTA connection