Emergency Ride Home

If you use public transportation, bike, walk, or carpool to work, you are eligible to register for Emergency Ride Home. In the case of a personal emergency* or unexpected overtime, simply use any ridesharing app or cab company to get home - we'll reimburse your ride! Check if you are eligible to register on our Members page. View our full program and policy information here.

Once you have taken a trip, be sure to email your receipt to info@charlesrivertma.org and submit a confirmation report below. You'll receive reimbursement in 15-20 business days.

*Personal emergencies may include: illness of participant or family member, flat tire or excessive snow if one's primary method of transportation is biking. Please note that mass transit delays, weather-events, or any trips originating outside of one's workplace are “general emergencies” that do not qualify as a personal emergency and will not be reimbursed.