Bike Rack Guidelines

All EZRide Shuttle buses feature front-mounted bike racks. Each bus can carry two standard bicycles. If you wish to use the bike racks, please familiarize yourself with the following guidelines: 

  • You are responsible for loading, securing, and removing your bicycle from the bicycle rack. Drivers do not load or unload bicycles. Always alert the driver that you are about to use the bicycle rack and approach the bus from the curbside. Do not step into traffic on the left side of the bus!
  • Remove all loose items from the bike prior to loading.   
  • Squeeze the handle located in the center of the bike rack to release the latch and pull rack down.
  • Place bike on rack by inserting the front and back wheels in designated wheel slots. Always use inside slots (closest to the bus) first.
  • Pull out support arm and raise it up over the front bike tire.
  • Confirm that bike is safe and secure prior to boarding bus. Do not lock your bike in the rack.
  • Inform bus driver of destination upon boarding bus. Sit near the front of the bus and watch your bike. Charles River TMA and Paul Revere Transportation are not responsible for loss or damage of bicycles carried onboard shuttle buses. 
  • As you approach your stop, advise the driver that you will be unloading your bicycle.
  • To unload your bike, raise the support arm off the tire and move it down and out of your way. Lift your bike out of the rack.
  • Return the bike rack to the folded position if there isn't another bike in the rack. Make eye contact with the driver to indicate that you are through with the rack.
  • Step to the curb and allow the shuttle bus to depart before cycling away!