Who operates EZRide Shuttle?

- EZRide is a service of Charles River TMA, a non-profit member organization. Buses are owned and operated by Paul Revere Transporation, LLC. EZRide is not affiliated with the MBTA.

How can I track EZRide Shuttle in real time?

- Visit the NextBus website or download the NextBus app for iOS or Android devices.

How do I know if my company is a member?  

- Check out our list of members here.

Do I need to pay for a special pass or ID to ride the shuttle?

- If your company is a member, you may ride for free by showing the bus driver a member sticker. Your company's front desk or human resources department should have stickers. If you are an MIT employee or student, you may show your MIT ID.

Can I ride the shuttle if my company is not a member of Charles River TMA?

- Yes! EZride is open to the general public as well. Check out our fare information.

I’ve been riding the shuttle for a significant amount of time, I know my driver and he/she knows me.  Why do I have to show my sticker/ID every time I board?

- It is our policy that every rider shows their sticker/ID to board. 

Are there monthly passes or multiple-ride passes available?

- You may purchase ticket ride booklets of 10, 20, 30, or 40 via PayPal.

Does the shuttle run on the weekends?

- No, service is Monday through Friday. See full schedule details.

How can I find out about delays due to weather or heavy traffic conditions?

- The best source for updates is Twitter. Follow us @EZRide or go to featured news for the most up to date information.